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Audience members gladdened our hearts with comments about recent Burlington Choral Society concerts:

Sunset, Sunrise – April 13 & 14, 2019

Another wonderful BCS concert!!  The music was beautiful, the soloists top-notch and the BCS sound simply splendid.  Congratulations!

We loved the concert. As always it was beautiful.

Excellent in every way!

Wonderful concert

Very well done – wonderful

Doing a great job. Sounding excellent!

The concert was wonderful! It looked like everyone really enjoyed it.  The soloists were top-notch. Adam's voice [tenor Adam Hall] carried really well.  The group was fabulous, and it looked like you all had fun with the last 2 pieces!

Your concerts are always so good.

Lovely – Thank you

Birthday Odes - November 17, 2018

Terrific performance!

Sandwiching the Leonard Bernstein between Purcell and the Handel gave compare & contrast a new meaning. Startling and oddly beautiful!

The concert was amazing -- nice job! 

Your concert was marvelous.  All of you were wonderful!!  A friend who had never been to your concerts because they had lived out in N. Hero said on the way out that she is so excited that there will be another concert in April!!

Fabulous! So surprised at quality of music. Program was innovative. We were blown away by the quality of musicianship and that extraordinary soloist ... well all three -- but the countertenor was a treat. Those Psalms were most unusual and mesmerizing. We did not know Bernstein’s (choral) music. Just his orchestration.

Awesome website! Wonderful choir! Countertenor was superb.

Lamah rag'shu!!!

Keep it up!

What a marvelous evening! Chorus was excellent as were each of the soloists. A perfect beginning to the holiday season! Lest I forget to mention the orchestra … fantastic!


Your celebration of Birthdays & Bernstein took us to another level of music appreciation. The Chichester Psalms touched us the most. How the choral, instrumental & trio of soloists blended into ONE, we'll never know!! I kept my eyes on Riley!! (The concert) lifted us to a level beyond the stress & stain of disharmony. Of course we needed the reminder of Psalm 133: Behold how good, And how pleasant it is, For brethren to dwell together in unity!

Orchestra perhaps a little loud at times when accompanying the soloists. Otherwise, fabulous!

Keep us guessing! Love Bernstein with Purcell and Handel.

Congratulations on a very enjoyable evening. (David Neiweem on Facebook)

BCS singer Loring Starr says: I've gotten great feedback from a number of Onion River Chorus members who made the trek—high praise for all of us, and they really enjoyed the concert.

Baltic Heartbeat - Music of Latvia - April 28, 2018

This is the most outstanding BCS concert in a long, long time. The second that the alto soloist opened her mouth, I knew it was going to be good. The tenor and baritone soloists were individually wonderful. When they sang together, they reminded me of the duet in "The Pearl Fishers." The organ was great but too loud at times. Burlington

I loved the melodic parts of the concert. Burlington, VT

A wonderful concert, packed with beautiful music and meaning. We were all friends of Latvia by the end! [town unknown]

Very moving and interesting. Kudos. I especially liked the folk songs. S. Burlington, VT

Really love that you have done Estonia & Latvia. Is Lithuania next? Sheldon, VT

Beautiful performance and insight into the Latvian people and their musical culture. Monkton, VT

What beautiful singing; a wonderful choice of music. N. Ferrisburgh, VT

Thank you once again for a wonderful concert. The dedication and work of the Burlington Choral Society to prepare and present a program of Latvian music is truly a tribute to our country and its musical history and tradition. To present it so well is the achievement of you and your choristers! As our group of singers from Montreal and Ottawa stand and sing among the tens of thousands in Rīga this July, we will be conscious of the fact that our music travels far beyond our boundaries, even to the hearts and minds of our friends in Burlington. Once again, a heartfelt thanks! Roberts Klaiše, Honorary consul of Latvia (Quebec) and proud amateur chorister. Montreal, QC

Handel's  Alexander's Feast Nov. 18, 2017

I just closed my eyes and let the glory of it fill my mind.

 It was marvelous.

 How much I enjoyed the concert -- it was totally wonderful. I hated for it to end.!!!

 Everything and everyone was exceptional.

 Thank you for all your dedication and hard work -- always a special treat!

 This is the best BCS concert in years!

 Wonderful -- on all fronts: chorus, orchestra & soloists!

 Great program! Alexander's Feast is one of our favorite pieces of music. Love the tenor. We traveled from Andover (VT) just for this & it is worth it.

 Loved it! Enjoyed being able to follow along with the printed program.

 Glorious sound.

 We came from Montreal after hearing about your concert on VPR.


Brahms' A German Requiem April 22 & 23, 2017

You sang heavenly.

 From the first note of beauty to the last -- one treat of Brahms music we had never experienced!! Congratulations to the chorus!

 Excellent performance!! Loved it in English even though I speak German! Transporting!

 Beautiful voices and music.

 We are fortunate to have such a quality choral group in our community.

 It has been wonderful to feel the power and drama of Brahms in an acoustically fine hall with a wonderful chorus & fine soloists!

 Long may they sing!

 I love good live music.