What BCS Expects Of Singers

  1. Attendance at rehearsals is expected. If you miss three rehearsals, you must have a conversation with the Artistic Director about singing in the concert.
Not only do your fellow section members need you there, but the Artistic Director plans rehearsals based on the number of rehearsals needed for each piece, and that rehearsal planning assumes steady attendance. If you must miss a rehearsal, independent review of what was worked on is appreciated.

2. When travel is dangerous, rehearsal will be canceled. In that case, you will receive an email message by 1:00 pm on the day of rehearsal.

3. Once you become a member of the Burlington Choral Society, you are expected to participate in all concerts. We make exceptions for people who reside out of the area during preparation for a concert. If you need to have an exception accepted, discuss it in advance with the membership coordinator.

4. The registration fee and dues totaling $100 are charged for each concert. The music is the singer’s to keep. Each singer may purchase one discounted ticket for $10 to each concert. Additional tickets are sold at rehearsals at market price.

5. Engagement (sometimes called ‘ownership’) of your membership can include volunteering for small or large tasks for the BCS. Board members will ask for help now and then.
Helping promote our concerts and fundraising in everyday life (conversations, Front Porch Forum posts, etc.) is part of being a member. We'll make it as easy as possible for you.
A lot goes into producing our concerts besides your learning the music and singing well, so please pitch in when you can.

6. Our concert dress is quite simple. We wear basic black. Women wear conservative black outfits with little jewelry. Long dresses, skirts or pants with a long-sleeved top are preferred. Men wear all black long-sleeved shirts, long tie, pants and belt. No jacket. All singers wear black hosiery and shoes. No one wears scent of any sort.