The Burlington Choral Society is run by a volunteer board. Board members serve a two year term, with the exception of the President who is elected annually at the Fall Annual Meeting.

Current Board Members

Board of Directors

  • Lauria Connolly, President
  • Andrew Mack, President-Elect
  • Kathryn Farmer, Vice President
  • Ann Curran, Secretary
  • Bill Suiter, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Richard Riley, ex officio

In the 2013 revision of the By-laws of the Burlington Choral Society, it was decided that the Treasurer for the BCS would not be a member of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer is elected, by the Board, as an officer and has authority to sign documents on behalf of the organization during the two-year term.

Past board members are asked to join a Board of Advisers when they leave the Board of Directors. In this way, they are able to continue contributing to the organization at a level with which they are comfortable. The Board of Advisers also includes any Conductor Laureates.

Board of Advisers

  • David Neiweem, Conductor Laureate
  • John Henzel, Conductor Laureate
  • Thomas Strickland, Conductor Laureate
  • Maggi Hayes
  • Alice MacDonald
  • Bill Harwood, Past President
  • Judy Pomainville
  • Peter Maclean
  • Jim Ouimette
  • Owen Brady, Past President
  • Ruth Kassel
  • Skip Potter
  • Andy Warner
  • Andrew Mack, Membership Coordinator